Friday, September 23, 2011

The Importance of Education

Finally after six years, I've been able to obtain a few textbooks, so I can participate in higher education.  Since the end of 2005, I have continually attempted to enroll with the California Department of Corrections and "Rehabilitation" Coastline College Program, which has been one obstacle after another.

In December of 2005 I enrolled with an acquaintance at Coastline College.  His family purchased a book for him which we'd share to further our education.  Two weeks later, CDCr opened a new facility in Kern Valley.  Instead of transferring inmates who had hardships or would've liked to be transferred, the committee transferred inmates with no consideration of their current program.

At committee I explained to the administration my dilemma, saying it would be highly beneficial to continue my current program at Salinas Valley State Prison.  The committee response?  "So what?"  This occurs on a daily basis.

I've witnessed hundreds of inmates with a few tests left to complete various "vocations" transferred to another facility; meaning those inmates were unable to complete that vocation.  This is because the CDCr's administrations are incompetent.  So, again, CDCr wasted taxpayer dollars on almost rehabilitating hundreds of inmates.

With the support of my fiancee, I'm attempting to complete a few courses to further my education.  My goal is to earn a degree.  And when the 3-strike law is overturned, I'll be able to find a well paying job.  If the law doesn't change, certainly my 28 to life for selling drugs will not be wasted.

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